Meet the wrinkle free you

What cause wrinkles

Let’s be little scientific J according to science our skin has two layers the upper or said outer layer is known as epidermis and the layer exist inside epidermis is called dermis. Wrinkles arise in the dermis as it is made up of collagen and other important proteins. With aging our body starts producing less collagen, collagen is responsible for firmness and smoothness of skin, less production of it results in a saggy and pulpy skin with wrinkles. Not only this, few other things also responsible for this.

Here are the tips -

Get some good sleep:

Again regular tall you are thinking this right? But while our body sleeps it secretes Human Growth Index (HGH) this hormone is responsible for growth in cells reproduction. If we don’t take enough sleep then our bodies start producing cortisol this is a stress hormone which generally slows the growth of tissue maintenance it results in dry skin. Good sleep is good for HGH production.

Stay Hydrated: 

Ancient advice! It is basic yet the most avoided habit, if you are really serious about skin then religiously stick to water, coconut oil and green tea these things are a naturally good antioxidant and they help to keep skin radiant.

Use Moisturizer:

Admit the reality opting good products reduce many harmful side effects. And it provides glowing and wrinkles free skin. So be true to yourself and keep moisturizing your skin for jaw-dropping results.

Don’t wash it again and again  

Yes! You hear it right; don’t wash your face again and again. It washes away natural oils which protect skin from wrinkles, use cream cleanser or gel for washing face instead. If you want to give yourself a flawless skin

then don't frequently wash it as it makes your skin dry and lifeless. 

Wet wipes are good at removing dirt and dryness from the skin, it has great fragrance which makes it lot better option than water, wipes also consumes moisturizing qualities. 

Wear vitamin C:

various studies have shown cream with vitamin C is good for boosting collagen and it also protects skin from UAV and UAB rays and such products reduced darkness and dark spots.

Sleep on back:

The same posture could lead to sleep line on your face.Constantly sleeping on one side could turn into wrinkles on cheeks and chin so beware! From now, just sleep on your back. So above mention stuff will work for you if you follow it religiously and never skip it.