Easy way to apply makeup at home

Things to keep in mind while doing makeup

Remove old art: 

Yes! It is not about painting, before taking any step; remove all your makeup to paint yourself exceptionally. If you apply it to previous makeup it will look creepy and crack instead of fresh. So keep it fresh, and use a fine makeup remover or mild baby oil to remove your makeup as it won’t make your skin dry. Make it a habit to remove makeup before going to bed, sleeping with makeup could result in blemishes and wrinkles.

Wash your face:

Washing face once or twice in a day is good, but when it comes to applying makeup it becomes necessary to remove dead skin and bacteria, one must use a mild cleanser and scrub it gently and then wash it with cool water.

Moisturise your skin: 

Moisturizing your skin on daily basis is necessary after washing your face apply moisturizer to soothe your skin. If you spend a good time outside then opt a moisturizer which has sunscreen qualities too.

Apply primer to face:

Giving solid base to make up not only improve the lasting time of it, but also provide best finishing line to it. Be picky about the product and opt it according to your skin tone. Primers are available in the market in different colors. Choose according to the to your skin tone.

Coating of foundation:

Applying foundation on the face evens the uneven skin tone and provide the instant glow to the face. Various types of foundation are presents in the market be it liquid, cream or powder, while applying foundation to face use makeup brush or beauty sponge to blend the foundation properly. Be selective to the color of foundation choose according to your skin tone. For different quality shades, you could check it here for different shades base.


With aging dark circle starts appearing under eyes and concealer are good at hiding them. Once you make up your mind to conceal your under eye area, you could opt different color and shades. Opting light shade to your skin tone light up dark circle area.

Setting Powder: 

Though it is an optional step! If you want to set up your foundation and concealer, then you could turn to setting powder. Use a fluffy brush to cover up your whole face, this setting powder is important if you are opting liquid content foundation.

Apply highlighter: 

After applying foundation on your face, it starts looking symmetrical and flat, in order to break the uniformity and give some depth to your face, highlighter creates a good illusion. You could either use powder or cream highlighter to brighten up the deepest are of your face like the corner of eyes and underneath in eyebrows. Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones. You could check out here for a highlighter.

Wear the blushJ: 

Blush! It naturally makes people beautiful when it spread throughout the face. Add some blush on your cheeks to flaunt the sassy you.

Above mention easy and simple tips will make you standout at very minimal budget.